Fractured Legacy: Meet Cole & Kaylyn

I’ll release a longer excerpt when I reach 100 likes on my Facebook Page, but for now, here’s a snippet from the beginning to introduce you to Cole and Kaylyn.

excerpt 1


4 thoughts on “Fractured Legacy: Meet Cole & Kaylyn

  1. I look forward to reading this – and I liked your blurb, pulled me right in. Thanks for commenting over at my blog, and following it. I’m doing the same, so I get the new release squee. 🙂 Have you joined the Writer’s Cafe at the kboards? Loads of info – I wouldn’t be where I am now without the help and advice I got there. Good luck with your release!



    1. I have found it is a friendly and welcoming community. So many of us learned things on our own, we like to pay it forward, so new authors don’t have to deal with the same learning curve. You might also want to check out The Writer’s Guide to Epublishing, a blog that really helped me. I ended up joining the street team, and making some great connections with other writers, including the owner of the blog, D.D. Scott. And any questions you have, feel free to shoot them my way. You can find my direct email address on my contact page:

      I look forward to reading your novella when it comes out!



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