Fractured Legacy: Snippet Sunday Excerpt 2

Fractured LegacyWelcome back!

Here’s more from my upcoming paranormal novella, Fractured Legacy.

Cole looked up, meeting Jonah’s gaze. Her eyes went wide as she tapped the back of her pen against the desk. “Um, Kay—”
“So, what? Being a council leader’s son, gives him the right to walk in and take over our office and critique everything we’ve done? We may not do it his way but—”
“Kay!” Cole shouted.
Kaylyn froze, then her body went slack. “All of the signs we came up with growing up and we never invented one for ‘he’s standing right behind you’?”

The book is now on Goodreads if you’d like to add it to your TBR pile, and you can sign up for an ARC.

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25 thoughts on “Fractured Legacy: Snippet Sunday Excerpt 2

  1. This is a great scene.

    That particular sign should be in the top five, right after “Down!” and “Quick! I need a bathroom!” (which I envision as a sort of dance)


  2. Eek! What a great foot in mouth scene you wrote for your characters. Well played Skye! God, who hasn’t had that happen?


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