Indie Block Party: Interview with Jonah (Fractured Legacy)

It’s day 3 of the Indie Block Party and I must say, I’m very sorry that it’s been a busy week and I haven’t visited as many blogs as I’d like so far. Don’t worry though, I’ll make plenty of rounds at the end of the week!

Now it’s time for an interview with Jonah, one of the MCs from my Darkness Bound Series.

Jonah Troyer

5d89d29cade42f4790486b8959c90b99Me: Hi Jonah, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed.

Jonah: I don’t recall having much of a choice in the matter.

Me: Um… well, tell us a little about yourself.

Jonah: I’m originally from Minnesota, I moved around a lot and now I do research for Aicil and manage the office in Ohio.

Me: Can you be more specific? Tell us about some of the creatures you’ve tracked down for Aicil!

Jonah: *Grimaces* I’m not at liberty to openly discuss our work.

Me: Fine, are you at liberty to discuss your tattoos?

Jonah: You’ve been talking to Kaylyn again, haven’t you? You shouldn’t listen to everything she says.

Me: Hah, I’m the one person in the world she can’t lie to.

Jonah: We’ll see.

Me: (He looks like he’s holding back a smile, but I can’t really tell. Hmpf) You’re just as bad with cryptic statements and secrets as Kaylyn.

Jonah: Yes, but unlike Kaylyn I’m willing to concede when I know a secret could get people seriously hurt. Anymore questions?

Me: *pauses* Are you ever wrong?

Jonah: *smirks, then his face hardens and becomes unreadable* Yes. I was wrong to let Kaylyn take the Teague Hotel case, and because of that I risked both of our careers and her life. 

Me: Any thoughts on what will happen with you two?

Jonah: I’m sure we will continue to berate each other for the foreseeable future. She and Cole seem to have a knack for attracting trouble. Whoever decided that assigning those sisters as partners should have his head examined.

Me: Wasn’t that Carlisle?

Jonah: Case and point. Are we done?

Me: Fine. Go back to work.

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