Fractured Legacy: Snippet Sunday, Sept 8

Fractured Legacy

Hi everyone, here’s another snippet from Fractured Legacy. I give you Jonah and Kaylyn, because I love writing them.

“How many times have you blacked out?”

Her body went numb as her brain spent all of its power trying to come up with an answer that wouldn’t get her into more trouble. He’d see through a lie—even if she had it in her to lie with conviction. “Three,” she whispered.

Since he’d only asked how many, she didn’t feel the need to elaborate further, but she avoided his gaze just in case.

“So, last night, at the hotel, and….”

She waited for him to ask another question, to which she could smugly respond that she’d only agreed to one, but he continued—

“At the historical society when we were looking for the medallion.”

The book is now on Goodreads if you’d like to add it to your TBR pile, and you can sign up for an ARC.

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7 thoughts on “Fractured Legacy: Snippet Sunday, Sept 8

    1. He’s her boss and 2 of the blackouts have happened while she was working. He’s concerned that she’s putting herself and others at risk by not telling anyone what’s going on. This conversation, by the way, happened after she blacked out and ended up on his front porch with no idea how she got there.


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