IWSG: Focusing on the Good

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I can’t believe it’s October! And if I can’t keep up with the months, well forget about me keeping up with what day of the week it is. I only remembered IWSG because I saw someone else’s post on Google.

I’m buried in edits, recruiting for my release day blitz, writing blog tour posts and recruiting for a November blog tour (all while also working a day job). So, what am I not insecure about right now?

I’ll just be happy to make it through the week, send off my MS again and figure out what I need to do next.

Let’s focus on the good things:

    • I have some great writing friends who are always around when I need a sounding board or help in any way. I have to say the writers I’ve connected with are some of the best people in the world.
    • My ferrets still love me, even though Cam and I got into a battle the other day and he nipped my hand pretty good.
    • My hubby is helping in every way he can.
    • So far, beta readers have loved the story, and their comments have been encouraging–even though they’ve also inspired some *facepalm* moments.

So, what are the best things in your writing life right now?

7 thoughts on “IWSG: Focusing on the Good

  1. LOL! Our lives could be twins right now! (Other than the ferrets.)

    Let’s see, things going well. *rubs chin* Well, people like my cover. I like my second draft thus far. And the cheese… Oh the cheese… Yeah, life is good.


  2. You should like me the first Wednesday of every month. I only remember IWSG if I see someone else talking about it.

    I’m sure I have lots of good things, but the day job has me a little too tired to figure them out. My mind is only saying, “SLEEEEEEEP!” LOL


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