#CoffinHop Day 2: Halloween Favorites

Since joining the Coffin Hop was a spur of the moment thing, I still haven’t had time to actually sit back and figure out what I’m doing for the next few days.

Family Traditions–Halloween is all about the scare!

I don’t know about most families, but for my family Halloween was always the biggest and most exciting holiday of the year. If you want to protect your kids from slightly-traumatic Halloween scares, I recommend you keep them away from my family. We love a good scare and go all out to have the scariest decorations and costumes.

Favorite Tradition: I’ve always been the person to go out looking for scary stories and events. My grandparents took me to the Haunted Fields every year and it was my favorite part of the holiday. I love the heart-pounding adrenaline rush of walking through the scary scenes and never knowing what’s going to pop out of a corner. And scary people running at the group with chainsaws is a nice touch.

Favorite Costume: Jason Voorhees (yes, I was a twelve year old girl, dressed as Jason). I went all out–made a huge machete out of cardboard and tinfoil since I wasn’t allowed to carry a real one, put on a hockey mask, some dirty baggy clothes, and went out to scare all of the trick-or-treating children. Most kids aren’t safe from my mom either, who likes to put a body bag out on the front porch, and have someone hide in it to jump out and scare trick-or-treaters.  I’ll thank her for my demented kind of Halloween humor.

Favorite Memory: In 1998, TNT MonsterVision had a Dusk to Dawn Friday the 13th Marathon hosted by Joe Bob Briggs. My sisters, brother, and I camped out in the living room to watch it. At the end of the first movie when Jason jumped out of the water, my brother also jumped, bumping into a side table and knocking a glass of water over all of us. I miss the days of Joe Bob Briggs.

As a kid, what were your favorite Halloween traditions, memories, or costumes?

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