Bound and Unbroken: Snippet 1 #WeWriWa #SnippetSunday

I’m finally back to doing snippets!! This is from my WIP, Bound and Unbroken (BDSM Romance).

bound and unbroken

Lena tried to take a deep breath without drawing attention to herself, but despite her better judgment, he was getting to her, and she was egging him on. After the bartender delivered her drink and promised to intervene if Rusty got out of hand, they were left alone at the corner of the bar.

“What’s wrong with letting a guy buy you a drink?” he asked, setting his hazel eyes on her again.

She mentally kicked herself in the stomach and forced her gaze down to her drink, taking a slow drink before looking up again. “That’s fine if the drink is where said ‘guy’ wants things to end.”

“You think I’d hold one drink over your head?”

“Maybe two or three, but I don’t intend to let the trend get started.”

“What if I’m not that kind of guy?”

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