Must find sleep #ROW80 #IWSG

We’re into week 1 of implementing changes as a result of the beta reads and my brain hurts. I lucked out to have one beta who also an editor by trade, and I have to say, these are the best critiques I think I’ve ever gotten at this stage. I love a good detailed critique that doesn’t beat around the bush. Hearing “this is awesome” feels great, but in reality, it’s super unhelpful. So, I’m chugging along and working from a printed copy myself to find the rest of the details that need to be adjusted.

In other news, I can’t remember the last time I slept for more than two consecutive hours–or at least slept without dreaming about this stupid MS. If I don’t sleep tonight, I may go nutters very, very soon!!

Current Projects

Book 1: Beyond the Divide (Paranormal, Urban Fantasy) 9959 words

Book 2: Bound and Unbroken (BDSM Romance) 1st set of beta reads done–62055 words

January Goals


  1. Finish another 20k on Beyond the Divide
  2. Incorporate beta suggestions on Bound and Unbroken
  3. Add 10k to Bound and Unbroken
  4. Send Bound and Unbroken to editor

Accomplishments this week:

  • I don’t remember how much I’ve added to Bound, but I’m getting closer to my minimum goal of 70k 🙂 I also have a few new ideas for scenes and areas that need expanded.

Non-Writing Goals

  1. Get back to Juicing more often.
  2. Become more active in my regular blogging activities and in visiting other blogs. I normally get a few visits done and then something comes up and I never get back around to finishing up comments. So I plan to make it a part of my daily routine to visit a few other blogs each day (instead of trying to do it in one swoop).

Accomplishments this week:

  • Yeish, all I want is sleep!

A Round of Words in 80 Days is the writing challenge that knows you have a life.

We are all different and we all have different demands on our time.  Why should we all have the same goal?  The simple answer is that we shouldn’t.  If you want to be a writer, then you have to be able to roll with the punches and adapt to your changing circumstances.  If that means changing your goals when your life blows up, so be it.  ROW80 is the challenge that champions the marriage of writing and real life.



6 thoughts on “Must find sleep #ROW80 #IWSG

  1. I also had a critique from a guy who works in editing still, and although what he said hurt, it was extremely helpful in the long run. He was also kind and said there was no doubt I could write, so that was a nice thing to hear as well. But essentially he said I should rewrite my whole novel.


  2. I’m the same way about not visiting blogs consistently. I’ll keep up with it for awhile, until I miss a day. One day becomes two, then five, and suddenly I look up and two weeks has gone by. Here’s hoping we can both manage some consistency!


  3. It’s great that you have a beta reader who’s also an editor. That helps so much. It’s hard when you give someone a draft and all you get is a “this is great” or “I really liked x, y, or z.” That feedback feels nice, but it doesn’t help much when it comes time to revise.

    Here’s hoping you can get a good night’s sleep soon–and that your stories don’t disturb you too much. I fell asleep last night thinking about where I’d last left my characters (on the run in the middle of a cold, dark forest), and that’s what was on my brain when I woke up this morning. That doesn’t bother me too much since it tells me I’m in the writing zone. But if they start invading my dreams? That might get old! 😉


    1. No denying, I love hearing that they enjoyed the story, but sometimes I feel like I have to dredge around to get anything that’ll help me improve. And I’ve had people approach me with little issues like I might explode as soon as they say it. “Please don’t unfriend me but you forgot a period on page 3.” Oy…

      I actually slept pretty well last night after I wrote this. No dreaming about staring at my computer and trying to figure out editing. 😀


  4. I hope you find sleep! Glad to hear you’re making progress on your projects. Beta readers who are honest are wonderful, aren’t they? Mine said, “I hate your characters.” *wince* At least they liked my characters in the subsequent drafts!

    Hope your revisions go well!


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