Jan 29th Updates #ROW80

Aside from the -30 windchills here, there’s nothing much new going on (except for the writing things which I’ll get to later). Mostly the day job rules my week, and no one wants to hear that. I’m currently working on a Tax Addendum (even though I don’t understand a word of it), and I spent half of the morning on Twitter talking to Adobe customer service to get Adobe Creative Suite (CS3!!!) reactivated on my computer. Exciting times! I’m actually writing this blog post in between working on a project in Photo Shop since I have plenty of time between steps as the program freezes and takes a few minutes to respond to every change I make.

ROW 80

Book 1: Beyond the Divide (Paranormal, Urban Fantasy) 9959 words

Book 2: Bound and Unbroken (BDSM Romance) Editing, rewriting, editing …

January Goals


  1. Finish another 20k on Beyond the Divide (0% complete) <- I think this one is just about dead for the month 😦
  2. Incorporate beta suggestions on Bound and Unbroken (75% complete)
  3. Add 10k to Bound and Unbroken (65% complete)
  4. Send Bound and Unbroken to editor (pending….)

Accomplishments so far this week:

  • Last night I finished strengthening the middle section of Bound and Unbroken (aka rewriting 3 chapters). Some bits of the old chapters survived, but after an editor informed me that the Club scene in those chapters was the weakest part of the novel, I struggled to turn it around. All along, I’ve known generally what needed to happen in these chapters, but the first attempts at it were just awkward, and I couldn’t quite find the right mix And then I got a great new idea that got me exactly where I wanted to be, but took a quite different route (and in my opinion, it’s much more fun!). Oh, and best part, I’m in love with my story again–makes it seem less tedious. 😀

Non-Writing Goals

  1. Get back to Juicing more often.
  2. Become more active in my regular blogging activities and in visiting other blogs.

Accomplishments this week:

  • Well, I still haven’t visited everyone for Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors, but I did hit my #ROW80 blogs 🙂
  • I’ve been more attentive with replying to comments.
  • I’m a longtime user of BufferApps for scheduling social media posts, having tried others and not being that impressed. However, I recently opened another HootSuite account, and they’ve improved a lot since my last use. I’ll probably still use Buffer to share pics (since I like how their picture posts work), but I think HootSuite will help a great deal in decreasing my time spent on social media. I have it set up so that I can see my Facebook News Feed, Profile Page, Twitter Feed, and Street Team feed in one tab, then a tab for scheduled posts for each account, and a tab for private messages. Plus there are apps to monitor MailChimp and other services. I’m a happy camper right now, but I’ll let you know how it fares after I live with it for a week or two. The big drawback for me is nothing that I’ve found will manage my Google+ profile, even though some will manage pages now. There’s also an option to use HootSuite for WordPress, but I didn’t try that one since I only get 5 freebies.

Less than 4 weeks until release!!

A Round of Words in 80 Days is the writing challenge that knows you have a life.

We are all different and we all have different demands on our time.  Why should we all have the same goal?  The simple answer is that we shouldn’t.  If you want to be a writer, then you have to be able to roll with the punches and adapt to your changing circumstances.  If that means changing your goals when your life blows up, so be it.  ROW80 is the challenge that champions the marriage of writing and real life.



One thought on “Jan 29th Updates #ROW80

  1. I hear you, Skye, on those G+ profiles. AOL’s Lifestream worked “okay” with G+ a while back, but didn’t handle Twitter well, and really… who needs one more place to keep track of everything? I want one or two things that do very well at all my stuff. 😀

    Good news on the chills… we’re supposed to be getting some warmer weather soon. Just in time for you to be enjoying the afterglow of writing that new piece of Bound and Unbroken. Savor it!


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