Effective Promotion for Indie Authors A.G. Porter

For today’s Tuesday Takeover, I have a great post for you on effectively promoting yourself as an independent author from A.G. Porter . I think this is a great topic, and she has some wonderful tips that I think all authors should hear, so I’ll turn it over to Amanda.

Effectively Promoting Your Work as an Indie

Untitled-1As an Indie Author, you’re more than just an artist. You’re a brand; you’re actually a small business. What does that mean for Indie (Independent) Authors? Well, a number of things. You may have to step outside of your comfort zone. Artists are unique individuals and very temperamental. If you’re like me then you’re also very shy and it has taken you great effort to even show one person your work. Yet, you know that if you want your “baby” to see the light of day you have to be willing to let others read it. Even if that means that not everyone is going to like it.

Many of you may know some of the little nuggets of information I’m sharing. For those of you who are just starting out, I will be more than glad to give you a helping hand. I’ll also be honored to know if by reading this you’ll take that final step to become an Indie Author. It’s a lot of work, but man is it worth it!

What is YOUR Brand?

So you have written a book and have decided to become an Indie Author. That’s great! You have let all of your friends and family know. Then you get that dreaded question, “What is it about?” We all hate that question, but it is a good idea to know the answer. What is your book about? What is the genre? What is the sub genre? Meaning, is it a Young Adult Paranormal Romance or an Adult Thriller? It is a good idea to know who exactly you are trying to reach. That way you can market your book to that demographic.

Isn’t is expensive to self-publish?

There many different ways to self-publish and it’s easier than you think! Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and many others have made it simple and cost effective for Indie Authors to offer their books in an ebook format. Also, Createspace is a great and money saving tool to get your book in the hands of readers with their print on demand services. Vistaprint, Uprinting, and Printrunner are great companies to work with for goodie items such as, bookmarks, posters, totes, and much more. Lastly, check with your local print shops. They can usually offer great deals and you’ll be able to build a business relationship for future orders

What about an honest to goodness real book?

Guess what? You don’t have this huge marketing team behind you pumping out ads, contacting bookstores, and scheduling press releases. As an Indie Author, you have to reach your audience through many different formats and usually all on your own. Most of those formats will be online. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to offer something tangible. It’s a great idea to do giveaways that consist of signed copies of your book, bookmarks, gift cards and much more. Look into local books shops to do a release party/book signing. Utilize social media (create a Facebook page, Twitter account, etc.) to reach readers locally and virtually.

How do you get reviews?

If your friends and family want to leave a review of your book then that is a great start. Facebook and other social media outlets help as well. However, what does it take to reach a broader audience? It’s simple, Book Bloggers! Book Bloggers are those saintly people that will review your book (in exchange for a free book) and promote the heck out you if they believe in your work! These lovely guys and gals will leave a review on their blog, Amazon, B&N, Goodreads and any other place you ask them too.

In addition, Book Bloggers go a step further. Do you have a cover reveal? Do you have a book release date announcement? What about an awesome giveaway? Book Bloggers will help you out! For example, I have a new release coming out. It is the second book in The Darkness Trilogy, The Forsaken, and Skye (the owner of the awesome blog you’re visiting) has allowed me to post here about it.

Reach out to as many Book Bloggers as you can. Their schedules are full, people contact them regularly, so be prepared for waiting periods. Also, keep in mind that Book Bloggers are honest in their reviews. If they don’t care for your book then they will let you know. One last thing, all Book Bloggers are not created equal. They have genres they prefer more than others. Do your research. If your book is a non-fiction novel about the life of your favorite American President then you probably don’t want to contact a Book Blogger who reviews Paranormal Romances.

Good luck and Keep Reading!

A.G. Porter

Thanks to A.G. for taking time out of her busy editing schedule to stop by! If you enjoyed her post, I encourage you to check out her blog and social media links:
Twitter: @agporter1 | Facebook | Blog


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