Anything Goes! Pervertables #atozchallenge (Adult)

I’m taking the fun route for this A-Z Challenge and anything goes! In Bound and Unbroken, Eric and Lena use clothespins for a scene in a BDSM club–it’s actually one of my favorite scenes, so I’m using a month to look at all of the other ordinary objects that could have a pervertable side.

While anything goes this month, there are a few limitations on that statement–anything safe, sane, and consensual goes.

I tried for a few weeks to come up with some great pervertables that start with “A”, and I didn’t think that would be one of the most difficult letters.

  • Armchair–oh, let me count the ways.
  • Apron–if you have a cute little one to dress up in 😉

Can you come up with anything I’m missing?

Remember, these posts are for fun. Be safe, sane, and consensual always! Communication and education are very important if you’re planning to start out in any BDSM relationship, so don’t jump into anything without asking questions and doing research.


10 thoughts on “Anything Goes! Pervertables #atozchallenge (Adult)

  1. Well this is fantastic! You’ve piqued my perverted interests, so I am def bookmarking your blog!
    Let’s see, pervertables that begin with a… anvil. I used to work with one as a metalsmith, certainly there are a lot of objects in a metalsmith’s studio that are kinky. What else… apple butter. That’s all for now.


  2. I always think to use food and drink for safe, sane and consensual. So my additions would be apple slices, pitted apricots and anise. Think of the possibilities. This will be a fun hop.


  3. Lol..I love this idea, Skye. Hmmm….what about Apple Sauce?

    So funny, I just read Raquel’s comment and I was totally thinking Anvil (like from Looney Tunes :P). Oh…remember those Ab Rollers? Imagine the fun 😉


  4. Funny how I’m sure there are heaps of A words out there that would work, but I now can’t think of any while put on the spot. Yours are good choices though 🙂


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