Brush it off! Pervertables #atozchallenge (Adult)

I’m taking the fun route for this A-Z Challenge! In Bound and Unbroken, Eric and Lena use clothespins for a scene in a BDSM club–it’s actually one of my favorite scenes, so I’m using a month to look at all of the other ordinary objects that could have a pervertable side.

The object of the day is a “Brush“. Flip over your nice paddle brush and it doesn’t take too much imagination to figure out what could be done with it. 😉

But the “brush” possibilities don’t end there. Pastry brushes and paint brushes are great for sensory play–and since paint brushes come in all sizes and textures, there are almost limitless possibilities.

What other “B” items do we have?

  • Blankets are also useful, and can help prevent rug burn if you’re into some floor play. Plus, a soft cozy blanket is great for aftercare.
  • Belt–great for a light spanking (or not-so-light if that’s what you prefer.

Can you come up with anything I’m missing?

Remember, these posts are for fun. Be safe, sane, and consensual always! Communication and education are very important if you’re planning to start out in any BDSM relationship, so don’t jump into anything without asking questions and doing research.


11 thoughts on “Brush it off! Pervertables #atozchallenge (Adult)

  1. I figured B was for Buttplugs…

    But then again, I’m doing Sex Toys from A to Z for this challenge!

    Actually, mine B word for today was something else entirely, to stimulate the largest erogenous zone: the BRAIN!


  2. Re the Bible, a doctor once told me it would cure the lump on my wrist if I banged it hard against the painful swelling. I didn’t try it. As to brushes, a large paste brush is an interesting item dry or wet. 🙂 A chamois cloth in the bath also has its charms.


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