Candle Pervertables #atozchallenge (Adult)

In Bound and Unbroken, Eric and Lena use clothespins for a scene in a BDSM club–it’s actually one of my favorite scenes, so I’m spending my A-Z challenge looking  at all of the other ordinary objects that could have a pervertable side.

Our pervertable letter of the day is “C” and my object of choice for today is a candle (paraffin). I have always been drawn to candle wax, but not every candle will do. Wax play requires a wax with a low melting point, and without added scents and colors which could irritate skin. There are a lot of things to take into consideration here, and while I love pain and wax play, no one should ever try it without being educated on all the little details.

What else can we play with today?

  • Clothespins–also another of my favorites! Or you could substitute chip clips.
  • Crop–so, maybe not everyone has one of these laying around, but if you do…
  • Carabiners, chains, and clothesline can be fashioned together to make some nice restraints, but take care that anything against flesh doesn’t pinch, cut, or block circulation. Since we don’t have a lot of options for attaching restraints to our bed frame, we fitted clothesline around the box spring as a cheap and convenient solution so we can attach the straps practically anywhere we want.

There have to be more “C”s out there, do you have anything for me?

Remember, these posts are for fun. Be safe, sane, and consensual always! Communication and education are very important if you’re planning to start out in any BDSM relationship, so don’t jump into anything without asking questions and doing research.


9 thoughts on “Candle Pervertables #atozchallenge (Adult)

    1. It doesn’t always have to be painful, but that’s typically my preference. 🙂 The beauty of it all is that there isn’t one way, everyone picks and chooses what works for them.


  1. One of my favourite candle scenes ever involved me holding a lit candle in my mouth…so I had to hold very, very still! I’m getting so many ideas/reminders from the A-Z Challenge! I think it’s going to be a busy weekend 😀

    Also, my jockey bat is my favourite toy ever (besides hands/teeth). It’s so versatile. I’d never use it on my horse, though XD


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