“Ear Plugs, Please” Pervertables #atozchallenge (Adult)

In Bound and Unbroken, Eric and Lena use clothespins for a scene in a BDSM club–it’s actually one of my favorite scenes, so I’m spending my A-Z challenge looking  at all of the other ordinary objects that could have a pervertable side.

I’m currently sitting at a Kendo Tournament typing up this post, so if I don’t get around to replies until late tomorrow, that’s why (and if you’re curious about the tournament I’ll probably post pictures on my Facebook page later today).

Today’s letter is “E” and, this is one I haven’t tried–ear plugs. One form of sensory play can include sensory deprivation, so like a blindfold, the ear plugs help to block out the extra sensory information and can make the experience more intense.

Other “E” pervertables:

  • Electric toothrbush? I’ve heard stories, but never tried it.
  • Exercise equipment–benches, and I’ve heard the the Bowflex has been quite useful

Do you have any to add to the list?

Remember, these posts are for fun. Be safe, sane, and consensual always! Communication and education are very important if you’re planning to start out in any BDSM relationship, so don’t jump into anything without asking questions and doing research.


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