“Handkercheifs” Pervertables #atozchallenge (Adult)

In Bound and Unbroken, Eric and Lena use clothespins for a scene in a BDSM club–it’s actually one of my favorite scenes, so I’m spending my A-Z challenge looking  at all of the other ordinary objects that could have a pervertable side.

This should catch me up, for now. BTW, organizing a conference during the A-Z challenge is not recommended.

Let’s talk about “H”. I’ll go with a handkerchief, since Hubby keeps those around because he likes to fold them up to stick out of his suit pocket. But, we can find more fun things to do with them, like using them for a blindfold or gag.

I feel like I’m slipping with my little list so…

  • Hairbrush (I also discussed this on April 2)
  • Headphones
  • Hope chest–could be used for storage, or if it’s big/sturdy it could also be used as a nice bench

What other “H” toys can you give me?

Remember, these posts are for fun. Be safe, sane, and consensual always! Communication and education are very important if you’re planning to start out in any BDSM relationship, so don’t jump into anything without asking questions and doing research.


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