Hello from Hiatus Land! An SC update…

Hello again! This week, I’m on vacation and so, the hiatus continues, but I felt obligated to stop in and say hello and give you all a quick update. Earlier this month, I was questioning everything, blogging, social media, what I should write next…. etc. I’m sure most of my author friends have had the same dilemma at least a few times, but I decided to take a step back and focus on myself for a while.

Since I went on hiatus a few weeks ago, we finally made it through conference!! With only 4 full-time people organizing the event, and more than 300 registrants to manage, we had a very successful (and at some points hilarious) 2-day conference. I may not have gotten a lot of writing done, but there was some good fodder.

The hiatus has also been beneficial to my word count! I’ve done about 20k, but that’s only 1/4 of what I hope to have done by the end of next month and off to my editor in June. That leaves me doing about 2300 words per day through the end of next month, and my writing partners are also cranking out books, so I usually have someone around to keep me in line.

I also have a bit of news on the Editor front–I have a new one!! And I think I’m going to love working with her. Not that I’ve had any problems with my old editors, we got along great and they helped me catch and improve things I wouldn’t have found on my own, but I want something more. I want to be pushed to improve! And I want someone who’s willing to follow my craziness and edit in all the genres I write in, so I don’t have to look for someone new every time one of my characters drags me down a dark alley and bashes me over the head with a new genre. I think I have found all of that in Rebecca. You know that feeling you get when you’re chatting with someone about the project and you just feel relieved and excited all at once, that’s how I’ve felt during my conversations with her about my upcoming projects. And I’ve seen her work, so there are no worries here!

May Goals

  • Finish Irrevocable! A standalone Dark Erotica novel–20,000/80,000 words.
  • Finish the Irrevocable cover & prepare for a cover reveal in late-May or early-June
  • Prep for JuNoWriMo–for which I’ll be writing Beyond the Divide (Fractured Legacy #2)

Do you have your May goals planned out yet?


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