IWSG: A Little Help From My Friends, May 7

As writers we all have our ups and downs. Today, I’m thankful for my awesome writing friends for helping me keep my head up and keep moving, even when I’m doubting everything I’m doing. Especially the one I spend almost every night working with. She keeps me on my toes, makes sure I keep working, and when I’m feeling particularly down, she’s there to send me voice messages and cheer me on through my own doubts.

I’m as introverted as I believe I could possibly be, and when I first joined the writing world I saw all of the other writers with their critique groups and awesome writing friends, and i wondered when I would finally find that particular set of people that would become my writing family.Β It took a while to find the people that I clicked with–and we’ve experienced our share of hiccups–but without them, this whole writing journey wouldn’t be the same.

One of the great things about IWSG is connecting with other authors, sharing our thoughts and feelings. We all share common insecurities, and spending some time each month visiting with other authors, sharing our words of advice, and generally learning that we aren’t alone in any of our struggles is a powerful thing.

If you haven’t found that spacial group that you can call your writing family, don’t worry! They’re out there somewhere.


11 thoughts on “IWSG: A Little Help From My Friends, May 7

  1. My support group is all of my blogging friends. I have yet to find a writing family in my hometown. But, I know how it can be a struggle with your writing. I’m having an issue now with my novel. The thing is I’m on chapter 6 and I can’t get into it anyone. I literally wrote three sentences yesterday and went back to social media, lol.


    1. I’ve only met one person in my writing family in person. A few live on the other side of the world, but we have plans to meet up next summer!

      When I struggle with a novel, I usually put it aside and work on something else–whether it’s a short story or some other writing exercise. I find that with time I usually find something that inspires me to go back to the story.

      Good luck!!


  2. You’re so right that knowing you’re not alone in your struggles is uplifting in itself. And writer families are difficult to find; they’re like golddust. So glad you have found yours. The internet can be such a scary place with all those people who like to troll, and it’s lovely to find supportive groups like IWSG to wrap up in.


  3. Writers are a unique group, aren’t they? All my life I felt the oddball until I started writing and meeting other writers online. Creative and introverted, we don’t fit in too well with the outside world but we are one, big, weird family…in our individual caves and connected digitally. πŸ˜‰


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