Skye Dreams: May 20 Update

I want to get back to doing regular updates on here, so I’m trying to figure out what I’d like to call it. Skye’s Report–Musings in the Skye… Ideas anyone?


I’m at 70k words and the end is in sight for Irrevocable. The first half is already with betas, and hopefully I’ll be sending the rest along later this week. It might just end up in my editor’s inbox early, which will be amazing. I’m right on track to release on July 14.

I’ll be participating in the Dungeon Crawl for the next few weeks with excerpts from Irrevocable, so if you’re curious about the project, I hope you’ll stop by and get a glimpse.

The tours are all scheduled and bloggers can currently sign up for the cover reveal, June 4, and blog tour, July 14-25.

My next project will be Beyond the Divide, the sequel to Fractured Legacy. This story has been rattling around in my head for almost a year now, so I think it’s primed and ready to flow. I have about 15k written already, and hope to crunch out another 40k during JuNoWriMo. I’m thinking of a September release for this one, but we’ll see.

What’s going on in your world? Any good news to share?


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