Skye’s Resource Round-Up: The Emotion Thesaurus

I’m always on the look out for great resources that help me improve my writing, blogging, or time management, so I thought it’d start a weekly column to share some of my favorite finds.

One of my top resources is The Emotion Thesaurus (in fact, I have it open on my desktop right now because I wanted some ideas for a scene).

It’s a great way to make sure that your character’s emotional reactions are varied and fresh. This book breaks down a number emotions and gives physical signs, mental responses, and internal sensations and helps writers come up with new ways to show a character’s emotions.

The authors, Angela and Becca, also have a Positive Character Trait Thesaurus and Negative Character Trait Thesaurus available for purchase, but I haven’t looked into those yet. They also run a website where they have a collection of online Thesauruses–Weather & Earthly Phenomena; Physical Attribute; Character Trait (Samples); Color, Texture and Shape; Settings; Symbolism; and Talents and Skills.

All of these resources are great for a quick little reference that will help build more in depth characters and settings.

Have you checked out any of their resources? Are there any resources of this type that you would recommend?

*This post was in no way endorsed by anyone associated with the resources, it’s all my personal opinion.


5 thoughts on “Skye’s Resource Round-Up: The Emotion Thesaurus

  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! I’m thrilled the Emotion Thesaurus is a good help to you, and glad you found your way to the website as well. I hope you check out the Writing Tools page as there are a bunch of other tools there for writers, including a free companion to the ET called Emotion Amplifiers if you don’t already have it. (Just scroll to the bottom of that page. :))

    Looking forward to seeing what other resources you profile!



  2. I loved your breakdown of The Emotion Thesaurus and what it can offer. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on our baby 😉


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