Skye Dreams: June 2 Update “The End”

SAM_1046Hello outside world! We meet again.

This is my little shit ferret Bueller 🙂 her brother Cameron is also running around somewhere, though I dare try to find them.

Today I’m having a pseudo lazy day, laying on the floor, playing with the ferrets and listening to the music hubby is playing while he cleans the kitchen.

It’s break time from Irrevocable as I clear my head and wait for my betas to finish reading the last segment.  I never write in a linear fashion and I can never complete an entire draft without going back and starting rewrites half way through, so it’s hard to keep track of which draft I’m on, but I can officially say the first entire rewrite is done!


This week I’ll start a second rewrite focused on the problem areas, and then it’ll be off to my editor for more.

I’ll also finally be able to reveal my cover to the world this week! Watch for it on June 4.

Here’s this week’s new teaser…

teaser 4



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