How to Rock Goodreads: Advice from Ami Greko

A great post with tips on utilizing Goodreads for authors. Thanks Madeline and Ami!

Lady Smut

Amiby Madeline Iva

I have been interested in Goodreads since hearing Alma Katzu mention it at Virginia Festival of the Book last March. Katzu is not only a successful author, she was also a member of a government think tank on social media and really knows her stuff.

During our Publishing Alchemy panel she said that 1 in 7 people on the entire planet are using Facebook.  It’s incredibly hard to be seen/noticed in all that noise if you’re a romance author.  Twitter, meanwhile, is getting to be just as bad.  What’s an author to do?

Goodreads is a social media space packed with your audience and not so much noise.  At the Romance Festival today, Ami Greko, a book marketing strategist  from Goodreads gave authors some great words of advice about finding a home with Goodreads and how to strategize using Goodreads as a valuable marketing tool.  I’ve sifted out her…

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