Dungeon Crawl: Irrevocable, 3 #Dungeoncrawl #Erotica

candles-600pxSorry I missed out last week, I had my cover reveal, and too much going on to keep up. This week, I’m actually out of town, but I’ll try to hit everyone’s blog as soon as I get back and get caught up this weekend.

I’m picking up where I left off last time.


Cover FrontThis couldn’t be happening. All I wanted to do was curl into a ball and protect my body, but their hands kept me splayed. Helpless. I jerked, pulled, and squirmed with every bit of strength I had, but a five and a half foot girl against a circle of rabid men was a hopeless battle.

And, with my defense, I had broken the dam on their violence. Seven pairs of hands turned on me, spreading me across the table. Bony hands squeezed my arms and legs, and adrenaline took over my judgment.

I squeezed and a hand clamped down over my mouth, half-covering my nose as well. Every time one of us moved the wrong way, his hand slid up, cutting off my air completely. I clamped my mouth closed, not letting another sound escape in hopes that he’d get bored of holding my mouth closed.

I couldn’t die down here. My biggest accomplishment so far was merely moving across state, getting away from the small-town life to find a place where I wasn’t constantly answering to someone or being told I was going to hell for wearing Evil Dead shirts and dying my hair blue.

Well, I had found hell and the path here had nothing to do with T-shirts and hair dye.

Threats, insults, and random profanity echoed against the cinder block walls of the room, and roared in my head propelling my struggle.

One of my shoes slipped off, giving me an opening. As that attacker attempted to readjust his grip, I straightened my leg quickly, hitting him square in the chest. He grunted and took a step back, then slammed my flailing leg against the table. The impact sent a bolt of pain up my body and for a brief moment I stilled. Letting the pain radiate through me and then pushing it to the back of my awareness.

That’s all for this week! Check out the rest of the posts by following the link at the bottom of this post.

I’d also like to invite any of the authors on the crawl to contact me if you’d like to participate in my Release Day Party on July 14. I still have four 30 minute slots available (I may be able to add more depending on interest)–most of the authors participating will be Dark Romance or Erotic Romance. 

You can TBR Irrevocable on Goodreads.


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