Skye Dreams: June 17, Back online!

Hey everyone! I’m quite late with my update and about to start infringing on my Teaser Tuesday post, but since I haven’t done an update in about 2 weeks, here goes…

IMG_0124I just got home from a long (and exhausting) trip to my hometown! My husband is researching the musical identity of the town for his thesis and since I’m a historian and wanted to visit my family, I went along for the ride. We spent one whole afternoon searching for Roy Rogers house, which should have been an easy find except it’s not really on the road everyone says it is.

Sad to say, I lived within 20 minutes of most of my life and this was the first time I ever went out to see it. We’re heading back at the end of next month during the Roy Rogers festival in hopes of taking a tour inside the house. 🙂 Hubby’s research is fun!

IMG_0232Oh and we visited the town archive and I got a picture of a huge clipping from the newspaper about the “massacres” led by the Shawnee back in the day. It goes on to talk about how Tecumseh was the greatest Indian who ever lived. I find it very interesting since I wrote my senior paper for my undergraduate degree on why Tecumseh has received such acclaim, rather than his brother who began and was central to the movement.

In writing news, I finished beta notes and sent Irrevocable off to my editor. *happy dance* I should have it back soon, and once I’ve done another pass, it’ll be time to prepare ARCs. I think this is the most exciting I’ve ever been at this point. I feel like my writing has come a long way, but I’m also extremely nervous about how the book will be received by readers.

But that’s life, I guess. What’s new with you this week?


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