Skye Dreams: Life after Publishing Irrevocable

I haven’t been around much, so I figured it was time for a blog update.

I can’t believe the success of Irrevocable so far. It has been a crazy rush of emotions as I’ve watched it bounce around on Amazon lists and waited for the reviews to come in. I’m very proud of my accomplishments with this book–not just in sales, but because I enjoyed where this book took me while I was writing. It wasn’t always easy, and I’ve had doubts the entire time…

It’s too dark.

It’s not dark enough.

OMG what am I doing?!?!

Overall though, I felt strongly about this book and how it represents my growth and changes since I started writing. And it’s fantastic to see readers enjoying it!

I’m so thankful to have a support group of friends behind me, especially my husband and family. And I’ve met new friends along the way. Some of the messages simply make me speechless.

While I’ve been busy trying to keep up with everything that this opportunity has given me, I’m trying to balance a lot in my personal life as well. It seems that everything waited until late July to hit.

First the book. Then, I found out I was being considered for a fantastic job and had my first phone interview with the search committee right before hubby and I had plans to travel back to our hometown to spend time with our family. The night before we left, we noticed lumps on our youngest ferret’s throat, and took him to the vet before we packed up to leave. We thought it was an infection or other minor thing, but then we got smacked in the face–lymphoma. For the next week, all we wanted to do was cuddle our little ferret and hope that the tests came back negative.

It was a dizzying shock, to say the least. The first test came back indicating that lymphoma was the most likely, and so our ferret is currently at the vet, after just coming out of surgery earlier today. We should know in a few days what the best course of treatment will be.

I won’t leave off with sad news–I had a second interview with the search committee this week, too. I can’t believe that I’ve made it this far, considering I thought I had a one in a million chance.

And that covers the last few weeks in the life of this writer. I don’t know what’s coming up next, but I just keep going. The books must go on!

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