Kinkday: A few of My Favorite Kinkable Things

Back in April, I started the A-Z Challenge doing “pervertables” but I stopped half way through the month, since I had too much on my plate. I’d like to revive the theme, and do it once per week, so I’ve dubbed every Friday as Kinkday!

I’m a little late with this one as I’ve been running around all day and Hubby is now entertaining guests, but here goes! 

A is for Armchair

armchair-396784-mSomething I don’t even have :(, but it could be used as an interesting spanking “bench” whether you want to put someone over you knee or have them draped over the arm or back of the chair. It’s also a dandy location to strap up your sub and provide some sexual torture–though this may depend on the type of chair if you’d like a lot of locations to connect the rope, but I’m sure you can be creative.

Other “A” pervertables:

  • Apron–for some dress up time. Anyone fancy a french maid?
  • Ascot–maybe you’d like to flip the playtime around and have your man dress up

Anything goes really! I challenge you to go on a scavenger hunt in your own home and come up with some of your own suggestions. Next week, we’ll have a look at some “B” pervertables. 


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