WeWriWa: Beyond the Divide, excerpt 1 (Paranormal UF)

I’m finally writing again–back to Paranormal Urban Fantasy for a while to write the sequel to Fractured Legacy, so that means it’s time for a Sunday snippet, brought to you as part of the Weekend Writing Warriors meme.

Kaylyn had hoped that once the entity that had haunted her dreams was sealed away, she might finally be able to enjoy a quiet night’s sleep. But even after a week, the visions still haunted her dreams.

She jerked awake to an unfamiliar room. Blinking her eyes as she slowly took in the dark surroundings. Boxes lined the far wall, stacked higher than her old dresser, which was, at the moment, the only remotely organized thing in her new home.

Her eyes drifted toward the window, illuminated only by the full moon as it made its early descent. A flicker of movement to the left drew her attention and she focused on the dark mass.

She closed her eyes and opened them again, expecting the shadow to disappear, but it moved forward into the light of the window.

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16 thoughts on “WeWriWa: Beyond the Divide, excerpt 1 (Paranormal UF)

  1. I liked your 8. Good use of descriptive words to set the scene. That ‘shadow’ that isn’t a shadow gives off a very creepy feel. One thing (and I get told this a lot) is use of similar words in a short span. In the opening paragraph the ‘haunted her dreams’ term is used twice maybe find a way to reword one of those.

    Look forward to the next 8.


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