WeWriWa: Beyond the Divide, excerpt 2 (#Paranormal UF #8Sunday)

More paranormal goodies from Beyond the Divide, the sequel to Fractured Legacy.

This snippet is brought to you as part of the Weekend Writing Warriors meme. If you remember from last week, Kaylyn just woke up to a shadowy figure in her bedroom.


Kaylyn recognized the strawberry-blond woman from pictures, and vaguely from her own dreams of the woman—Ada Troyer. Ada’s hands were clasped in front of her body, which appeared even more slender and frail as a result of the dim lighting.

Kaylyn had a strong feeling Ada had played a large role in their overcoming the spirit attached to the Teague Hotel, but a lot of the details were still jumbled in Kaylyn’s mind—a logical result when multiple entities are trying to gain control of your body, she figured. “Isn’t it, you know, frowned upon to stalk your son’s employee while she’s sleeping?”

“I’m just checking on you, Sweetie.”

“Mmh,” Kaylyn grunted and readjusted her blankets. Since Jonah’s father had put in some kind of spirit ward on the house—the details of which Kaylyn wasn’t privy to, she was convinced she was still dreaming and waited for it to shift her to a new location as it had before—expecting at any second to see the walls of the abandoned hotel to appear around her again.

But the walls of her new bedroom remained solid, and the woman’s apparition moved a step closer.


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