Skye Callahan’s New Writing Nook #SkyeDreams

I put off writing my weekly update until I got off work and came home to finish working on my new writing nook! Since I’ll be writing full time, I revamped my space and added a new taller bookcase to house all of my books and trinkets.

I still have a few things to add–I definitely need to throw some of my Bruce Campbell trinkets into the mix 😉

Maybe I can find an extra wall to hang my swords…

SAM_1329I only have one day of work left before I’m writing full time, so hopefully the space will come in handy. I have my desk for serious work and my bean bag to relax and write with my wall of inspiration surrounding me.

While I was working here, my husband also set me up a little nook in the living room with another bookcase (I have 3 total in the house) a little table and another bean bag and lots of pillows. I’d much rather be spread out on the floor than anywhere else, so I love having my little nooks to work in.

Do you have a special place you love to work?



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