WeWriWa: Beyond the Divide, excerpt 3 (#Paranormal UF #8Sunday)

I debated heavily on whether or not to sign up this week since I was horrible with keeping up with visits/comments last week, but I’m trying to get my new full-time writing schedule started off right, so I’m forging ahead.

Barring another emergency visit back home, everyone will get a visit from me this week!

Today I have more paranormal goodies from Beyond the Divide, the sequel to Fractured Legacy.

This snippet is brought to you as part of the Weekend Writing Warriors meme. If you remember from last week, Kaylyn was being “checked up on” by an entity–or a dream, she’s still not sure.


“It was you in the hotel, wasn’t it?” Kaylyn asked.

“Partially–I helped you direct the power to your mother so she could protect you while Jonah figured out how to break your bond with the entity,” Ida’s light Irish accent rolled through the room with a lulling effect. Jonah, having been born in Minnesota, did not share his mother’s accent, and Kaylyn thought for a moment that it was a pity, but then she forced her mind back to the problems at hand.

“So, it is broken?” Kaylyn asked, looking for any form of confirmation that the evil entity wouldn’t be seeking her out again and leaving a trail of burned rooms and missing bodies in its wake. Even if that confirmation came from a dream.

Ida remained silent for a few moments. “I need a favor,” she finally said.

Always good when your boss’s dead mother comes calling for a favor, right?

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11 thoughts on “WeWriWa: Beyond the Divide, excerpt 3 (#Paranormal UF #8Sunday)

  1. So she didn’t directly answer the question, but asked for a favor. This could be bad, or interesting, or both. Can’t wait to find out.

    Good luck on your writing schedule!


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