Skye’s Monday Update: Attack of the Crickets!

Time for another Monday update!! 

It’s already after 4pm here and this is the first time I’ve sat down at my computer today 🙂 I guess that could be good or bad, but I had an early lunch with hubby after we went to pay our rent and then we spent the last few hours doing yard work. 

Exciting right? The life of a full time author includes spending at least three hours in the front yard with our reel lawn mower, a rake, and weed eater. Oh, and stepping in a pile of crap that some random animal left for us. Then, I had a stand off with the neighbor’s cat because I needed in the garage and she decided to lay in the doorway. And I stuck my hand into I don’t know how many spider webs–twice I looked down to see a spider hanging from a web attached to my arm, so I returned them both to a juniper bush in the front yard. Now the strange thing, spiders whether teeny tiny or big have never bothered me. However if a cricket jumps out of the weeds at me, by golly, I’m running across the yard screaming for hubby to go kill it so I can return to work.

I’m the same way with centipedes–those things freak me out!!! 

Then, there are snakes, which we have a sad lack of around here. I LOVE snakes 😀 I think they’re really friggin cute. No joke.

Well, enough about my yard work and little quirks! I have a friend’s launch party to hit up–it’s going on all evening if you’d like to join us, Be My December Release Party. And then I have some serious writing to do.

I’m always so far behind!!!



4 thoughts on “Skye’s Monday Update: Attack of the Crickets!

    1. I know! Facebook is the writer’s foe!
      I just left the office job I’ve had for almost 2 and a half years–aside from writing, that’s a record for me. I get antsy and can’t stand to be in one place very long–same people, same scenery, bleh! At least with writing I can create a new world when I get bored of the old one, lol.
      I’ve also worked retail though, so I understand how you feel!!


  1. It sounds like you had an adventurous day!! Spiders don’t really bother me, either. But snakes? I’m terrified of snakes!! 0.o Terrified. I screamed bloody murder at the beginning of the summer when I saw one crawl in front of me into the high grass. I FLED the area and was supposed to have been going for a walk. Yeah, that walk was NOT finished, lol. I can’t even think about centipedes thanks to that stupid movie everyone was talking about a couple years ago. Blech! >.<


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