Kaylyn Anderson (Fractured Legacy Series) #Museday

Kaylyn Anderson is another of my characters from the Fractured Legacy Series–the one most of the chaos seems to revolve around. 

After a short stint working for their uncle’s bail bond recovery business, Kaylyn and her sister Cole were recruited as paranormal investigators with Aicil. Three years later,her first encounter with her new boss, Jonah Troyer, didn’t go so well for Kaylyn. In part because she was being terrorized in her dreams by an unknown entity, but also because she’s stubborn and set in her own ways (much like Jonah, really). 


Kaylyn is another of my characters with an affinity for snakes and owns a pet corn snake named Frank (he’s named after a snake I caught as a kid).

Favorite color: Red

Favorite drink: Iced Coffee

Favorite food: Chicken and dumplings made from the family recipe

Education: B.A. in History

Beyond the Divide will reveal more about her past, and why she’s so stubborn and closed off from most people. She can be trouble, but she’s a fun girl to share my brain with. 




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