Moss Folk: Guardian Spirits of the Trees (#folklore)

Inhabitants of the forest, Moss Folk act as the guardian spirits of the trees.

Moss Folk are a type of “wood wife” a female spirit who inhabited the woods of Scandinavia and Germany. They are known under many names, but are usually described as beautiful creatures with long blond hair. Because their existence is linked with the forest, for every tree destroyed, a wood wife dies.

Wood wives would often ask travelers for a favor, for which they would pay in wood chips. To many, this would seem like a useless offering, but after leaving the forest the wood chips would turn to gold.


Moss Folk are usually described as covered in moss which they weave to clothe tree roots. TheyFairytale Forest - Ground have long hair that looks like the grey fungus that grows on tree branches.

Usually, they’re benevolent toward humans and may even offer help in times of illness. Sometimes, they borrowed supplies, especially food, from humans, leaving a generous gift in return. Despite the kindness they could show toward humans, they relentlessly seek vengeance for any broken saplings.

Also known as: Moss Maidens, Moss Women, Forest Folk, Wood Folk, Wild Folk, Moosleute, wilde Leute, Holzleute, Waldleute


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