WeWriWa: Beyond the Divide, excerpt 5 (#Paranormal UF #8Sunday)

Another week has passed? I had a slow week in terms of blogging, but I vowed to tend to WeWriWa at least! I was late with most of my rounds, but I FINISHED Beyond the Divide 🙂 So, the penguins finally let me out of the writing cave.

Today I have more paranormal goodies from Beyond the Divide, the sequel to Fractured Legacy.

This snippet is brought to you as part of the Weekend Writing Warriors meme. If you remember from last time, the apparition was asking Kaylyn for a favor, but now she has a warning….

BTD Full Cover

“Remember,” Ida said, interrupting Kaylyn’s thoughts, “going forward doesn’t always move you farther from the demons of the past.”

Demons? That caught Kaylyn’s attention. Her muscles constricted and her stomach turned at the word. “Are we talking literal demons or figurative ones, because I’ve had a fair share of both?”

Ida nodded and stepped back toward the window. Beyond the deep green curtains, the light was growing brighter, indicating that the sun was already rising.


I’ll be at a Kendo Tournament all day, but I’ll try to catch up with everyone this evening. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “WeWriWa: Beyond the Divide, excerpt 5 (#Paranormal UF #8Sunday)

  1. Yes, I would also like some clarification of exactly what kind of demon we’re talking about here. Not that either one is good. 🙂 Nice, suspenseful buildup!


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