Dear me, get it together: Resolution #1 in being more productive

I’m a scatterbrain–and that’s on my best days.

Most of the time, I barely keep track of what day it is and I probably wouldn’t if not for hubby’s schedule. I had hoped that becoming a full-time writer would help balance that, and it has helped me stay on top of a regular writing schedule. I completed one book already this month and I’m about 25k into the next one–which is awesome news for my deadlines!

But I’m still trying to figure out how to balance, social stuff, accounting, marketing, and that whole lot. So, I’ve decide to throw together a little column of resolutions–little changes that I’m going to be making in my schedule and work structure to make sure that everything is getting done.

And I’m going to talk about it here on my blog, so I’m held accountable and in hopes that you might provide some suggestions or get something out of my ramblings. :0


That’s what I’m going to call the brain explosion I have when encountered with social situations. It may not be an accurate word, but in a way it describes how I feel. Sometimes doing as little as answering a simple email can bring on a mini-panic attack.

“OMG what do I say?”

“Does that sound right?”

I face the same situations every time I’m on social media. All of which leads to procrastinating, promising I’ll go back to the reply when I know what to say and my brain goes out of overload mode. I wish I could avoid overload in the first place, but it’s part of my everyday reality, and that means that going through my emails and messages is always a daunting task, which leads to it getting put off.

The more it gets put off, the more daunting it is.

Resolution #1 I’m setting aside time, to sit down and answer all messages (including blog messages) and emails first thing. I’m going to get it all out of the way, make sure everything has a response, and then move on with the rest of my day. 

I hope that the benefits of this will be twofold.

  1. It will get me in the habit of taking the time to take care of everything right off the bat and clear out my inbox every morning.
  2. I won’t have to worry about it later. I’m sure important messages will come up to be dealt with, but if I’m not checking and fiddling over it all throughout the day, tat means I can use that time to address my other tasks.

3 thoughts on “Dear me, get it together: Resolution #1 in being more productive

  1. I do the respond to social media first thing, too. It clears my head to get on with other tasks and relieves that awful guilt feeling… Hang in there. I hope the plan works a treat for you.


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