2 weeks to Bend, Don’t Break! #Trailer #DarkRomance

Can’t believe we’re already into the 2 week countdown for Bend, Don’t Break!

So, I made a couple of trailers to celebrate, and I thought I’d share a little about the journey so far.

(Warning, Bend, Don’t Break, contains major spoilers for Irrevocable, so it’s hard to even talk about it in generalities without revealing some things.)

When I started writing Irrevocable, I had no intention for the story to go beyond that single book. Even though James was the first character from the story to appear to me, I told the entire story through Rose’s eyes because, there was information that James had that was best left unrevealed. The struggle for survival was best told through the eyes of a girl who suddenly found herself loosing mercy and at the mercy of a man she couldn’t quite figure out.

Not until she learned his secrets.

Just weeks before the release Irrevocable—after copies had gone out to advance readers for review and the final proofreading was happening—James decided that he wanted more. Then, readers expressed an interest to know more about James.

As everything came together, I realized that although Rose’s story was done, and she’d told of her happy ending with James as she experienced, there were bits of the story that she didn’t know or didn’t share, because although they were part of the story, they were parts best understood through James.

And the idea for Bend, Don’t Break was born.

Since readers already know most of the story from the Retreat, I didn’t want to do a simple retelling from James’ point of view. I wanted to give readers something new, while allowing James to express his interpretation of events and explain his motivations, while addressing new issues.
I feel that there’s so much to learn about this couple before they got their happy ending—and maybe a little more to their happy ending than you already know. That’s why James decided to begin his story just after the raid (Irrevocable, Chapter 21).

Even this was a difficult story to write–while not nearly as dark as Rose’s story–for James the darkness comes from inside his own head. He has a lot to come to terms with before he can let himself go again, and there are still a lot of messes he has to clean up.

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