IWSG: It has been a while

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It seems lie it has been months since I’ve put together a good personal blog post, but honestly the last few months have run together in my head to the point that it has all gone to mush.

So, a brief update…

In July, I released my first big selling book–as in the first book to not only meet, but exceed what I was making at the day job. And then, I made a huge leap of faith by quitting my day job and writing full time at the end of August. Since then I’ve added two more books to my line up–one was released in October, Beyond the Divide, and one to be released this month, Bend, Don’t Break.

That’ll make five books total since I started publishing, and I’m still edge of my seat, scared out of my mind at every step.

With the paranormal books, it’s not as bad, because those aren’t yet my big sellers, and that’s more my fun, lower stress, play time. I enjoy writing the romance just as much, but there’s more pressure there, since right now that’s my livelihood.

1554564_349710801876682_8884827937288544184_nIn September, Irrevocable became a bestseller on Amazon (peaking at 27 overall) and Barnes & Noble (peaking at 6 overall), and it was the most astonishing experience of my career. I laughed and cried, and everything in between. And now I come down to releasing the sequel, Bend, Don’t Break, and it’s utterly terrifying. I think the second book is exponentially more intimidating than the first because you go into it knowing that readers are going to have preconceived notions and expectations after reading the first book and getting to know the characters.

And it’s all exacerbated since the second book feels so different from the first book–a different character’s POV and very different circumstances that aren’t as gritty or dark as the original. I let it get to me for a while, but then I sat down, knowing that I had to write the story that my character had to tell. And after letting go of my own preconceived notions, I ended up with a story that I love, and after all the fretting, the advance readers so far are enjoying it as well.

What I’ve learned…

  1. Trying to force a story in a box will simply leave me banging my head against a desk–I have to go where the characters go.
  2. No matter how much I love and believe in my story, sitting around and waiting to see how it will be received will probably always drive me crazy.

But there’s only one writer I can be. I can improve the craft and learn new things, but I’ll still be me–and I love that.


27 thoughts on “IWSG: It has been a while

  1. First, congrats on your books doing so well you could quit your day job to write full time!! That’s awesome. Second, I believe all writer’s are edgy and doubtful when a new book is being released and how it will be reviewed! Good Luck! All with be fine!


  2. That is awesome you were able to quit your day job, woo-hoo! Congrats on the success you and your books have seen, that’s great! You’ve definitely got fans and a readership out there, so I’m sure your newest will do well too. =) Best of luck w/everything!


  3. The books look great! I remember how terrified I was when my 2nd came out. Now I’m just … I’m not sure. Thankful for small miracles, I suppose.

    Welcome to IWSG. I’m #65 on the list.


    1. Haha, yes, I can’t even imagine where I’ll be once I get further into a series. It’s terrifying feeling like I’m on a trapeze that gets higher with every book.
      But I am as you said thankful for the small miracles.
      All I have to do is keep swinging. 😉


  4. Forcing a story is never a good idea. If your characters are telling you they want to do something different, listen and do it. After all, it’s their story. 😉

    Congratulations on your five books! 😀


  5. Sounds like your writing career is going wonderfully- congratulations! I think it’s totally understandable to be worried about reader expectations, but if it helps, I usually give authors I already love a huge benefit of the doubt when I’m reading a new work of theirs. If I expect to like it, I usually do.


  6. It’s so wonderful to hear that your books are doing so well! Congratulations! 🙂 And you’re so right that you have to go where your characters take you, not where you think your readers might want you to go.


    1. I love doing it, but you’re right about the pressure! It wasn’t an easy decision–I went back and forth for months, and sometimes I still wake up with that spark of anxiety that it all rides on my writing. But not even my day job came with a guarantee, so I decided to make the leap.
      Thanks for stopping by and the welcome!


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