Bend, Don’t Break Tour: Days 2 & 3 Recap

We’re more than halfway through the Bend, Don’t Break Tour!

Thanks to everyone who has posted over the last two days, I really appreciate your time! If you’d like to see the entire reviews, please click through to the blog for the entire post.

A is for Alpha B is for Books

“We see the give and take they were willing to do for each other in order to make each other better again and how being in a place like the retreat can change a person’s wants and desires no matter how hard they try to fight it.”

All is Read

Daydream Believer Book Blog

“This book was beautifully written. This is a great conclusion from the initial story. I don’t want to give anything away; I just want to say read these books. I went through a book slump and these books got me out of it.”

Jezabell Girl and Friends

“I loved this sequel. It filled in so many holes from James POV and got us to the HEA I wanted for them both. If you loved Irrevocable, this is a must read!”

Karen Blue Reviews


“I really liked the struggle James goes through with his inner demons. He tries to stay away from Rose because he’s afraid to taint her any further, but it’s a losing battle that I loved witnessing.”

Naughty and Devilish Book Blog

Ramblings From Beneath the Sheets

The Book Fairy Reviews

We Stole Your Book Boyfriend

“I am so happy to have read James’ POV!! I love the male POV and as much as I loved the sick and twisted James – aka Kirk, I couldn’t get enough of the REAL James!!”

Word Forward

Your Favorite Book Corner Blog

Just One More Romance Book Blog

A One-click Addict’s Book Blog

“I feel like I crawled inside of James and could see his soul. The story is so well written I could see it all in my head, feel how strong his emotions were and sympathize with his struggles.”

Author Groupies

“This was a great addition to Irrevocable. The insight into James and what was going on in his head answered a lot of questions and helped understand where he was coming from while in “The Retreat.”… A great read and it kept me on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what would unfold next!

Cheekypee reads and reviews

“This book is my favourite to date. Make sure you read Irrevocable before you read this one. Irrevocable blew me away. It left me a jumbled up mess. This book did all that ten fold. Amazing dark read.” (read more…)

Drue’s Random Chatter

Irrevocable: “This was a fantastic dark read. There were a few times I had to put the book down and come back to it later, which is something I do with most dark reads. But as this story progressed and secrets became revealed I was hooked.” (read more…)

Bend, Don’t Break: “FANTASTIC – I loved this book from James POV, I LOVED that this book was all about everything that happened AFTER. The insight into how these two individuals dealt with that they endured and eventually began the healing and moving on process, oh and don’t think it was all that, there were still loose ends in the whole scheme of things that kept coming back to haunt.” (read more…)

Jen’s Reading Obsession

Little Shop of Readers

Love Bites and Silk Ties

Lustful Literature

“I absolutely loved this book and how the author took us not only back to the days in the retreat but also the days and months that follow. James will fight the devil himself to keep the woman he loves safe and away from danger. He does not want to fail her again. If you loved the first book you definitely want to be picking this one up.”

Mean Girls Luv Books

“Skye Callahan blew the retelling in a different pov out of the water. I absolutely LOVED Irrevocable, and I absolutely LOVE this book as well. I am amazed with how seamlessly this book flows with the first book. I braced myself for redundancy, but it was not necessary.”

Once Upon an Alpha

Smitten With Book Heroes

“One of my favorite aspects of this book was the suspenseful plot! I was hooked trying to figure out how the pieces of James’ case fit together and identify who the real villains were. Skye Callahan took me completely by surprise with a couple of twists and I really enjoyed the unpredictability of the plot in the second half of the book”


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