Bend, Don’t Break Tour: Final Recap

My final bit of the recap is late, but I’d like to recognize the rest of the bloggers who participated in the tour!

Release week was an intense week, and I’m grateful to the readers and bloggers who all shared and helped make Bend, Don’t Break a success. I’m sorry I didn’t get around to everyone until now, but due to some personal issues and the holiday, I got deterred.

If you’d like to see the entire reviews, please click through to the blog for the entire post.

FMR Book Grind

“Well done to the author Sky Callahan for putting it out there and writing a book about such a sensitive subject while still allowing the reader to see the romance story going on in the background that is slowly brought to the forefront over 2 books.” Leeann

“It is always amazing to get the males POV in a story and this one did not disappoint. I really enjoyed the idea that this book begins just before Irrevocable ends so I was able to experience the climax from both points of view. This made the story line more believable and I was more emotionally vested.” Amy

Jackie’s Book Reviews

“In between having to deal with being brought back to the hell of this case, James and Rose have struggles that they both have to overcome.”

Kristin Elyon

“This book is intense and I LOVED every minute of it. I finished this book in a little over 6 hours and then I read it a second time. It was a wonderful continuation. Filled with action, adventure, drama, lies, secrets, betrayal and love…this book has it all!”

Ms. Me28

“In this book, the story from Irrevocable continues…. If you think the dramas/issues are over, you are definitely wrong.”

Naughty Book Eden

Novels In Heels

Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock

Random Musesomy

“The difference in the two books? This one is full of danger, adventure, and suspense. There are lot of question and not many answers…. It’s shocking and you better be ready for a surprise.”

Read Our Thoughts Book Blog

“WOW talk about a riveting sequel to Irrevocable. The author took the momentum and made this read even more intriguing to read. The flow of the story was smooth as glass and I love the characters interaction.”

Renee Entress’s Blog

“I loved this book and dare I say that I loved it more than book one. This book is exactly what book one needed to make you understand the Retreat and what James went through before and after. This book is not pretty at times and can be ugly but what they survived was dark, depraved and ugly.”

Page Turning Book Reviews

Shelly’s books


“To read what James went through and to actually feel his feelings was an actual emotional experience knowing what happened in Irrevocable!”

The Book Bellas

The Reading Cow

Whispered Thoughts

“Which in case no one knew it’s Freaking Amazing, Wonderful and Holy Shit I want more!!!  The Author has completely 100% blown my mind with how much really great and wonderful details she has the main character go through. I never once in a millions years could have pictured all that out to make such a wonderful and great story.”

A Reader’s Review Blog

“If you have read Irrevocable then you will certainly want to read Bend Don’t Break. If you are new to this series and like dark, erotic, deeply psychological romances, then go get your hands on it, you are in for one ‘helluva’ ride!”


Amazeballs Book Addicts

Blimey! I Fancy Reading

Christina Mandara

Crystal’s Many Reviewers

“This is one of those rare times that I can say a second book in a series does more good than just carry on with the plot…. Powerful, intense, suspenseful and closure are the top four words I would use for this book.  I am so impressed with this author I have already checked to see what is next from her that I can read.  She gave us a chance to let our emotions go and our mind fly with these books.  She took us to see the darkest of evil and the purest of love while taking us on each step in the process.”

Deliciously Wicked Books

“This book is a continuation of Irrevocable, it can’t be read as a standalone – getting this glimpse into how things transpired after their release from the Retreat, it was something I really enjoyed.  Bend Don’t Break is filled with more danger, more revelations and more heat.  Can you handle it?”

Eye Candy Bookstore

Hooked On Books Forever

Jennifers Taking A Break

Mistress of Romance

Mommy’s a Book Whore

“James is my guy. He is still sexy and mysterious but now we know how he really feels about what he had to do. You really see his feelings and how he tries to overcome some things. He is just plain ole sexy.”

Naughty Moms’ Story Time

“I have to say…not many sequels out do the previous novel, but Bend, Don’t Break was most definitely did, in my book….Bend, Don’t Break far exceeded my expectations and left me in awe with the characters and it’s story content.  Filled with suspense, passion and a very strong love, this was a 5 star read for me.”

Ramblings of a Book Lunatic

Seraphim Book Reviews

Irrevocable: “A fantastic read, I absolutely loved it, and was blown away by the originality and excitement running through the story, with a perfect writing style to hook you in and keep you addicted. ”
Bend Don’t Break: “The writing style is just as gritty and addictive. I couldn’t stop reading James’s account, and thought it finished off the story perfectly. Totally un-put-down-able. A fantastic series.”

Summer’s Book Blog

“This is a five star read it kept me hooked and wanting to know what the outcome of their situation was going to be. I definitely recommend that you get this book and read it but it should be done after reading Irrevocable. Skye Callahan does an awesome job in developing the characters and keeping the storyline going and you glued to the story.”

The Truth About Fiction Book Blog

“Bend, Don’t Break by Skye Callahan was nothing short of phenomenal! This book is James’ point of view after the retreat and of course some events from the previous novel will be gone over through his eyes…. This novel did not have one bit of the redundant feel I’ve gotten from many authors who have tried to do a similar sequel and this is just another reason to add her to my favorite authors list! I also couldn’t imagine how a sequel could ever compare to the shocking, wild and emotional journey of Irrevocable but Bend, Don’t Break managed to keep me on the edge of my seat the whole time.”

Til The Last Page Book Blog

Verna Loves Books

“When I found out that I would get to read James side of the story and get inside his head, I knew that I wouldn’t be let down. Skye has done it again and blown me away with Bend Don’t Break. I thought I loved James in Irrevocable, but after reading this one I became absolutely infatuated with him. He’s one amazing character that will forever have a place in this reader’s heart.”


who you callin a book whore

Wicked Reads

“I loved Irrevocable, I thought about that book for days, even weeks after reading it. I was not disappointed with Bend don’t Break either…. Rose and James have so much to work on recovering from their time at the Retreat, this book is filled with every emotion and it is an amazing read.” Angie

“This story is an intensive journey for James to wrap up loose ends, clean up the after-math, come to grips with what his life is now, and realizing what he can do with a little help from his friends.” Shelby

Obsessed by Books

Thanks again to everyone who has posted during the tour, and Everything Marie for putting it all together. I really appreciate your time!

If you missed either of the previous recaps, you can find the reviews and blogs: Day 1 and Days 2 & 3.


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