Skye’s Productivity Report ~ Consistency: Friending the Elusive Foe

I have decided to do a series of posts–hopefully one per week addressing areas where I feel weak in aspects of my writing career. My goal is to address each of the issues and then make a plan to overcome them, and I hope that by sharing these ideas with readers I might a) get feedback and accountability from my peers in the writing world and b) help others who are having similar problems.

And so off we go…


productivityI’m a lifer in the writing world. This is what I feel like I have to be doing, and I intend on doing it for the foreseeable future, but the one thing I haven’t mastered is consistency.

I have a serious problem there.

The strange thing is that if you ask my husband, he’ll tell you how I hate for things not to be planned and carried as predicted. I don’t like change and I don’t like surprises.

But when it comes to everything about writing, I’m the complete opposite. I feel like I want to be spontaneous and unimpeded and as far as the actual writing process goes, I think that works out just fine.

The problem is that I also lack consistency in other parts of my writing life–blogging, posting on social media, participating in events and groups. I love doing WeWriWa (Weekend Writing Warriors) but it’s hit or miss and I usually fall away from it after several weeks when I’m under the strain of deadlines or personal obligations, and it takes me several weeks or even months to get back into that game.

I want to get it together and be more consistent in such things–or hide my face in shame until I find an organization muse. Does anyone know where to find one of those?

In order to be in control of my own progress and deadlines, this is something I need to get ahead of. I don’t have a day job that dictates where I spend my time or when I have to get up and go to bed anymore, and while I have stepped up my game in writing and have been getting more done than before, I still need to find consistency in the whole process.

So, from here on out, I’m maintaining my calendar and setting up Todoist with daily/weekly goals and tasks. This will be my next little step on improving my productivity, and I’m hoping that having the goals and tasks in front of me each day will help me stay on target.


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