Saying goodbye to 2014 and charging into 2015 #SkyeUnbound

Work in progressIt is nearly the end of the year, and I haven’t written quite as much as I would have liked to prepare. Especially given the schedule I have decided to give myself for the next year, but I’ve always found that I function much better with my head down charging toward deadlines with reckless abandon.

I wrote my final papers hours before they were due and the trend continues.

I have plans for big changes in 2015 and lots of projects to share. Maybe they won’t all happen at once, but my goal is to set myself up for what I hope will be some positive changes and a successful year.


Irrevocable Boxset will be released soon! If you want to receive an email when the book goes live be sure to sign up for my mailing list! I will be running a special introductory sale, so if you haven’t picked up these books yet, now will be the perfect chance.

And I have a (currently) secret project coming up that’ll release sometime in early 2015. I’ll be releasing more information about it later this month–as soon as it has an official title. 😉


I want 2015 to be my year of organization! At least to be more organized than I am now. Since I have most of my accounting in order, next I want to tackle my business plan and new marketing/social media plan for the year. Woohoo!!

As part of my new branding platform goals, I came up with the tag #SkyeUnbound because that’s how I feel as an author–unbound to explore my creative worlds with my characters. I’ve decided not to be bound by a single genre or to force limitations on myself or my characters. And, I’m also trying to be a more open person in the new year.

I just set up my first Instagram (skyecallahanauthor) account and will be exploring that world as well as focusing on my Facebook accounts, especially the Reading Hangout Group–where I can hangout, chat, and share projects with readers. You’ll also find me actively on Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

So, I invite you to come hang out with me, chat, share your ideas and interests, and enjoy the ride of 2015!


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