PennedCon Voting!! Vote for your favorite authors!

It’s time to vote for your favorites for Penned Con!!

Here are the nominees:

Best Cover
• Eric R. Asher: The Broken World
• Kristina Circelli: Unbroken Beings
• Julie Cassar: Forever Kansas
• Stacey Rourke: Crane
• Tish Thawer: The Witches of Black Brook

Best Novella Series
• A.L. Wood: Rock Romance Series
• Cynthia St. Aubin: The Case Files of Dr. Matilda Schmidt
• Rachel Higginson: Love and Decay
• Skye Callahan: The Redline Series <—Wahoo!!!!!

Most Unique Marketing:
• Amy Daws: London Lovers Series
• Amy Miles: The Withered Series
• Eva Pohler: The Gate Keepers Saga
• Pepper Winters: Debt Inheritance
• Sarah J. Pepper: Twisted Fairytale Confessions

Best Audiobook:
• Alice Clayton: Last Call
• Amy Bartol: Sea of Stars
• Amy Miles: Desolate
• Chanda Hahn: Reign
• Elizabeth Sharp: Natural Selection

Best One-Liners:
• AM Hargrove: Kestrel (A Hart Brothers Novel) Romantic Suspense “Good doesn’t have anything to do with it–you’re not bad enough for me.”
• Alexandrea Weis: Cover To Covers “I would rather fail a thousand times with you, than never take the chance.”
• Christine Brae: Insipid “If you truly stop dwelling on the goodbyes of your life, you will recognize that special “Hello.” It comes in any form, on any day, at any time. And when it does, you will want to risk it all despite that impending departure.”
• Eva Pohler: The Gatekeeper’s Sons Life isn’t fair, but death is”—Hades
• Stacey Rourke: Crane “I do not care for this place. It feels like a den debauchery, and not in the fun way.”

Best Book Trailer:
• Amy Daws: London Bound
• Amy Miles: Wither
• Christine Brae: Insipid
• Eva Pohler: The Purgatorium
• Jordan Deen, Elizabeth Sharp and Emma Bloom: 303 Red Dead Lane

Best Blog of the Year:
• A Little Bit of R&R
• I Read Indie
• Love Us Some Books
• The Book Nympho
• Tsk Tsk What To Read

Author of the Year (Romance):
• Bethany Lopez
• LP Dover
• Lyla Payne
• Mary Ting
• Tabatha Vargo

Author of the Year (Fantasy, Dystopian, Mystery):
• Amy Bartol
• Denise Grover Swank
• JD Nelson
• Tish Thawer
• Wendy Owens

Author of the Year (YA):
• AnnaLisa Grant
• Chanda Hahn
• G.P. Ching
• Mary Ting
• Michele G. Miller

Vote for your favorites:

And be sure to pick up your PennedCon tickets if you haven’t yet. 


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