Skye’s Resource Round-Up: Writing with Rayne Hall @RayneHall

The first book I stumbled upon by Rayne Hall was Writing Scary Scenes, and since then, I’ve been a huge fan of her resources. Rayne has a knack for breaking down scenes, emotions, and language in a way that will get readers thinking about the details in a new way.

Since most of my original stories were paranormal based, I’m always looking for a way to include a good scare, and Writing Scary Scenes was a great resource for learning about fear–the signs, symptoms, and how each type can work in fiction. From using body cues, and understanding how vocabulary choices will resonate with the reader, to pacing and using the senses, I couldn’t finish a chapter without thinking of something to use in one of my scenes.

One of her books I would definitely recommend, especially once you’ve made it to the self-editing stage is The Word Loss Diet. It’s a great resource for tightening up your manuscript and improving your writing craft in general because it will make you think about your word choice and how to best convey your message.

I have also enjoyed Writing Fight Scenes,  and Writing about Villains, as well as many of the articles I’ve found around the web. I love that Rayne’s advice is straight forward, yet it resonates in a way that makes me think about things I’ve read or experienced and how I can use those responses and ideas in my writing.

You can learn more about Rayne on her website or follow her on Twitter for more great advice.

**All opinions written in this article are my own and were not bought or requested in any way.**



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